What makes asap X-Connect better than other magnetic cables/adapters in the market?

There are many features, though the most important is that we are the first to incorporate our patent-pending magnetic connector technology and as our magnets are positioned at the exterior of both the cable and connector tip it will always connect easily. We also have a fully functional cross-device compatible cable that works with all Apple and Android devices for both charging and data transfer..

Will the magnet interfere with the phones function?

For all you oldies who still thinks magnets will affect your phones function, mobile phones use SSD (solid state drives) which aren't affected by small magnets like ours. In fact your phone itself has over half a dozen magnets inside it to power features such as your speakers. The magnets will also have no impact on your GPS, we've clocked over 100 hours both driving and playing Pokemon Go (not whilst driving of course) and can verify this with personal experience.

How strong is the magnetic connection?

We've designed asap X-Connect to be strongest magnetic cable on the market, strong enough to lift 400g and even lift an iPad Air!


Is it easy to remove the tip from the phone?

The tip will stay in place from any general daily use even if the phone is dropped, yet it can be easily removed with just your fingers when needed.

What is the length of the cable that comes with the cable set?

The length of all asap X-Connect cables is 1.2m (3.94ft). You can purchase additional cables that are a longer 1.5m (4.92ft) for $15 on the Backerkit survey. Please note these cables may have a slightly slower charging speed due to increased resistance which is standard with all longer cables.

Does asap X-Connect support data transfer for Apple and Android devices?

Yes, this also includes tethering.

Does asap X-Connect come with international warranty?

Yes, all asap X-Connect cables will come with an international 365 day warranty.


Is asap X-Connect backwards compatible with the original asap Connect cable?

Though we advise not using them together, asap X-Connect is backwards compatible with the original asap Connect for micro USB only. However the connection may not be as stable.


Is asap X-Connect cable compatible with all USB devices?

asap X-Connect is compatible with all USB devices for charge and data sync. However it is not compatible with any audio functions such as your Lightning headphones, speakers or Apple Play.

Can I connect a Micro USB cable with an Alpha tip or vice versa?

Yes, asap X-Connect most unique function is that it is cross-device compatible. This means a cable designed for Apple will work with an micro USB tip and vice versa.

Why have you not chosen to use the original lightning connector or have MFi certification?

Apple has not released a magnetic lightning connector, hence it is not possible to apply for MFi certification and by producing a lightning connector that is not MFi certified, it leaves that company open to legal action by Apple. Any company claiming to have a MFi magnetic connector is not possible as of September 2016. You can ask the company for a PPID number from Apple as proof. However the great news is our cables are made from a factory that produces MFi cables so the chip inside is identical and we have had no compatibility issues after 2 years of testing.

Does asap X-Connect support QC2.0 or QC3.0?

asap X-Connect will support up to 5V/2.4Amps, which is more than most cables available, but it will not support the maximum speeds of Qualcomm Quick Charge technology due to the 5V limit of the LED light. We have tested our cable with a QC2.0 charger and charge speeds are 10% slower from 0 - 50% battery power, and exactly the same speed from 50% - 100% battery power.



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